Renewable fuel demand rises to new heights


The renewable fuel industry has grown tremendously in the past year. In 2021, it added $67 per acre in Kansas for a total of $310 million additional total value. Commissioners had the opportunity to attend the Clean Fuels Alliance America meeting in Washington, D.C. early November.

Bob Haselwood, District 8 Commissioner, says they listed to a multitude of reports relating to current and potential demand of bio and renewable diesel.

Railways and fleets could be the largest market for renewable diesel and have even worked to increase their permitted blend amount to B20. Those already using it have requested permission to use higher blends, meaning Kansas soybean oil demand could continue to increase.

“Locomotive manufacturers are beginning to talk about the use of biodiesel in their engines, a few years ago they wouldn’t even speak of it,” Haselwood says.

These companies have adjusted their ways as lowering total carbon footprint has become very important to many consumers.

Clean Fuels also conducted the election for their governing board and presented many other updates on their activities, Haselwood says. “Most notably Pepsi’s efforts to have their fleet run 100% on biodiesel.” Attending industry meetings provides insight and a voice in end-product decisions being made with Kansas soybean oil.

Progress powered by farmers.