Onward and Upward tour in Calif. showcases renewable diesel uses


Kansas Soybean Commissioner Gary Robbins, wife Kim and Commission Administrator, Kaleb Little participated in a tour hosted by Clean Fuels Alliance America. This tour provided opportunity to see the value of soybeans through renewable diesel.

They toured a Frito Lay plant, the Metro Link and the Port of Long Beach, each displayed their use of renewable diesel. After the switch to renewable diesel, the Metro Link saves $6 million a year in fuel prices.

What were Robbins’ three key takeaway?

  • California uses 80/20 blend of renewable diesel in 60% of total vehicles in the state
  • Frito Lay uses renewable diesel in all their California trucks and plan to use renewable diesel or biodiesel in all their fleets in the future
  • Metro Link of Los Angeles uses renewable diesel in all their trains and trucks, this allowed them to have no loss of power and fuel consumption and found out their neighbors do not complain of the fumes anymore